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A still from "Toy Story 4" in a clip featured on "GMA."

SALT LAKE CITY — Bo Peep and Woody are on a mission to save an old friend in a new clip from “Toy Story 4” that dropped this morning.

What happened: While visiting "Good Morning America" this morning, Annie Potts, who voices Bo Peep in “Toy Story 4,” gave viewers a short sneak peek of the upcoming film.

  • The clip features Bo Peep (Potts) and Woody (Tom Hanks) organizing Bo’s sheep, Barbies and other toys to rescue what appears to be the remote-controlled car Woody and Buzz used to pursue the moving van in the first "Toy Story" film.
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  • In an interesting turn, the rescue mission appears to take place in Andy’s sister Molly’s room, according to Digital Spy, which appears to reinforce rumors that the film either takes place on a different timeline than “Toy Story 3” or that we’re getting a flashback.
  • Either way, it’s very possible the film will dive into the story behind Bo Peep’s disappearance from previous films, which “Toy Story 3” director Lee Unkrich said was due to being sold in a yard sale.

The film will mark the first theatrical appearance of Bo Peep in 20 years. She last appeared in “Toy Story 2” (1999).

“Toy Story 4” is planned for release on June 21.