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The highly-anticipated addition to the Star Wars franchise is shrouded in a secrecy that has given rise to raging rumors about its plot and characters.

SALT LAKE CITY — Let’s be honest: we don’t know a lot about “Star Wars: Episode IX.”

The highly anticipated addition to the "Star Wars" franchise is shrouded in secrecy that has given rise to raging rumors about its plot and characters.

This week, we’re hearing one more rumor about the film, and though it should be taken with a grain of salt, if it proves credible, fans of the series could see a trailer for the film drop as early as Friday.

The rumor: A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) from Disney was apparently delivered to a major UK cinema chain this week, according to ComicBook.com.

  • Reports of the delivery initially started at Fantha Tracks, which claims that the package is titled “TT1-SW9” (which reportedly stands for Teaser Trailer 1 Star Wars 9) and encrypted with a KDM (Key Delivery Message), meaning the contents cannot be viewed until the recipients receive a key.
  • According to Fantha Tracks, there is no news on when theaters will receive the key and release the trailer, but based on how soon the trailer for "Aladdin" dropped after receipt of the Aladdin message key, and based on when the UK chain received the package, “Friday might be the day.”

Is it credible?: Speculation should be taken with a grain of salt, but, according to Comic Book, the necessity of an encrypted key does fit with the reported security measures that have been taken to protect the film’s title.

  • Comic Book recently reported that J.J. Abrams is supposedly the only person who knows the name of "Episode IX."

Rumors about the trailer’s release don’t entirely fall in line with the past marketing strategy for the “Star Wars” films.

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  • The names for “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi” were publicized one to three months before the first trailers were released, according to ComicBook.com. Still, with the level of secrecy surrounding “Episode IX,” anything could be possible.

“Star Wars” cast members have been coy and hushed about film details, though we have seen some movement relating to the film’s trailer.

  • Anthony Daniels, who plays C-3PO, has been leaving a trail of cryptic tweets over the past two weeks that seem to suggest that yes, a trailer is coming soon, but who can say for certain?

“Star Wars: Episode IX” is scheduled for release Dec. 20.