The latest update for “Fortnite” included a new set of challenges that can help gamers receive the next season’s battle pass for free.

SALT LAKE CITY — The latest update for "Fortnite" included a new set of challenges that can help gamers receive the next season's battle pass for free.

The Overtime Challenges, which were released on Feb. 14 and will be available until Feb. 27, include a slew of tasks for gamers to earn battle stars and earn rewards before the end of season seven, according to Polygon.

So far, five challenges were released to the public. One of the more challenging ones asks for gamers to collect coins in featured creative islands.

What does that mean?: So this is a little different than past challenges for "Fortnite." It requires you to enter into Creative Mode and find coins placed inside of different featured islands.

  • Featured islands are user-created versions of the battle royale island "Fortnite" chooses to highlight.

How to do it: Start by logging into Creative Mode from the menu, according to Forbes.

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  • Head into one of the stones in the loading island and select a player's featured island within the game mode.
  • While selecting, you can see how many coins are available in each island. The maximum you can achieve from each island is 10 coins.
  • From there, you'll enter onto this player's island and you'll have to search for the coins. "It's simple enough — depending on the island you select and how difficult its creator has made it to find the coins. You'll be able to test out a few different featured islands in order to collect all 15 coins," according to Forbes.

More: The other challenges are rather simple.

  • You will have to deal damage with an assault rifle or pistols.
  • You have to play duos with a friend and earn a top 15 spot.
  • You will need to drop a campfire down and regain health.

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