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I moved to Utah from Minnesota, "The Land of 10,000 Lakes." I came for the rivers and mountains and found a drive to protect them. So, recently I sat in on a legislative committee meeting to hear about a water conservation bill: HB143. This bill would require water suppliers to simply study how to reduce water use to 175 gallons per person per day.

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I’m shocked to learn the Utah Division of Water Resources opposes HB143. Instead, they prefer to use $5 billion in taxpayer spending for Lake Powell Pipeline and Bear River Development. They justify this ridiculous spending by ignoring the fact that water conservation is the cheapest source of new water, because Utah’s water use is the highest in the U.S.

This is an outrageous conflict of interest from our state water agency, which wants to save less water and opposes water conservation. They are greenwashing with lip service about the importance of water conservation, while working to advance unnecessary, destructive and expensive infrastructure projects. In Minnesota, we value water, yet here in the driest state, we waste it.

Utahns need HB143 and water conservation.

Jon Carter