OREM — Juab has emerged as the latest wrestling dynasty and the Wasps hope to continue their dominance of 3A. The Wasps want to again lift the gold trophy on Saturday night and they have the grapplers to do it.

Meanwhile, American Leadership Academy, in just its second year since reinstating its wrestling program, hopes to win a trophy and claim multiple individual titles.

Delta has won more wrestling state titles than any other program in the Beehive State and its tradition may be good to enough to perhaps challenge Juab and certainly hold off upstart ALA and a bevy of other challengers.

Emery, Morgan, South Sevier, South Summit and Union have some individual stars and if Juab, Delta and ALA falter, they'll have a chance to challenge.

3A team predictions: 1. Juab 2. Delta 3. Emery 4. ALA 5. South Sevier 6. Morgan 7. South Summit 8. Union 9. Carbon 10. North Sanpete.

Individual championship finalist predictions:

106 pounds: Byron Christiansen (Emery) vs. Lukus Carillo (ALA)

Other contenders: Sage Mortimer (ALA), William Korth (Morgan), Waylon Pentz (Morgan), Jess Christiansen (Emery)

113 pounds: Blake Woolsey (Morgan) vs. Denim Torgersen (Richfield)

Other contenders: Taigon Bushnell (South Summit), Joshua Jackson (Delta)

120 pounds: Channing Warner (Juab) vs. Jarrett Jorgensen (Morgan)

Other contenders: Maverick Caldwell (Delta), Korby Christiansen (Emery)

126 pounds: Conner Ingram (Juab) vs. Rhett Miner (ALA)

Other contenders: Jayden Petersen (Delta), Thomas Coates (Grantsville)

132 pounds: Edgar Gandarilla (South Summit) vs. Quenton Mortimer (ALA)

Other contenders: Cael Rowley (Delta), William Haight (Summit Academy)

138 pounds: Jed Lee (South Summit) vs. Chase Christiansen (Emery)

Other contenders: Kalob Nybo (Juab), Kurtus Nielson (Delta), Triston Fillmore (South Sevier)

145 pounds: Cade Bowring (Juab) vs. Tate Willoughby (Delta)

Contenders: Conner Fausett (Carbon), Bryar Meccariello (Emery)

152 pounds: Tyler Lynn (Juab) vs. Dyllin Broughton (Delta)

Other contenders: Cannon Fullenbach (South Sevier), McKay Meccariello (Emery)

160 pounds: Augustus Dalton (Emery) vs. Damon Mayfield (Manti)

Other contenders: Kade Jensen (Richfield), Colby Hyder (Union), Wyatt Harmon (Juab)

170 pounds: Jate Frost (Union) vs. Koby Johnson (Grantsville)

Other contenders: Dillon Sorensen (Richfield), Luiz Rodriguez (North Sanpete)

182 pounds: Charles Watt (Juab) vs. Jake Jackson (Delta)

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Other contenders: Wyatt Morrison (South Sevier), Brice Clegg (South Summit), Parker Brinkerhoff (Union)

195 pounds: Blake Mangelson (Juab) vs. Bowen Shields (Delta)

Other contenders: Seni Lin Latu (Manti), Talmage Brown (Summit Academy)

220 pounds: Shan Jackson (Juab) vs. Nolan Bullethead (Union)

Other contenders: Jarom Shumway (Grand), Logan Kuehn (Grantsville)

285 pounds: Mailoni Lutui (Union) vs. Dalton Anderson (North Sanpete)

Other contenders: Kayden Atwood (Summit Academy), Kemmer Jones (South Sevier), Blake Greene (Delta), Dalton Clark (Union)