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Letter to the editor

As a resident of Utah County and a social work intern, I am sincerely bothered by the number of police officers whose lives have been lost in the line of duty. Most recently, one here in Orem City, a young officer who was married with a child. This man, "snuggled his child to sleep, that was the last thing he did before he left for work Saturday night." This man was serving citizens of Provo and Orem, so we could be safe, and we could sleep in peace that night.

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The next few days, the feelings of anger and overwhelming sadness could be felt across the cities of Orem and Provo. It bothers me that the men and women who are protecting every single citizen of their city, county and state are losing their lives by the senseless actions of others. This needs to stop.

Our officers have the same rights and desires as we all do, to be safe, cared about, have a job and go home to their family every day. I loved seeing how we came together as a community and ask that we continue to "back the blue" every single day.

Heidi Ryan