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A still from the "Frozen 2" trailer.

SALT LAKE CITY — Disney dropped the new "Frozen 2" trailer on Wednesday, and people are already speculating about the film’s plot.

One major theory: Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) are on a search for their parents, who are reportedly lost at sea in the first "Frozen" movie.

For example: The Inverse’s Eric Francisco wrote that he thinks the trailer’s beginning — which shows Elsa facing a high tide of water in the middle of the ocean — may be a reference to this plot.

  • "My guess is that Elsa is looking for the site of where her parents died at sea. But Elsa is still only a few hundred feet from shore, whereas Arendelle’s former king and queen died in the middle of the dang ocean," he wrote.
  • Similarly, CNN’s Frank Pallotta wrote that he hopes "the plot of FROZEN 2 is Elsa and Anna trying to find their (supposedly) dead parents who were lost at sea. That would be so metal."

Flashback: Back in 2015, BuzzFeed published a story on a major theory circling social media that posited Elsa and Anna's parents were on their way to the wedding between Rapunzel and Eugene in "Tangled."

  • See, in "Frozen," you can catch a brief glimpse of Rapunzel and Eugene from "Tangled" as they appear at Elsa’s coronation ceremony. In fact, Rapunzel has her hair cut short, which implies they attend the event after "Tangled" in the timeline.
  • "So if it's true that Elsa and Anna's parents were going to Rapunzel's (wedding) three years ago (actually when the movie 'Tangled' released) when their ship sank, which was the reason Rapunzel and Flynn felt the need to come to Elsa's coronation. …"
  • And then there's another piece of the puzzle — the sunken ship in "The Little Mermaid" is potentially from the king and queen of Arendelle, according to E!
  • According to E! Online, a little research shows that "Tangled" likely takes place on the coast of Germany and Arendelle takes place in Norway. Meanwhile, "The Little Mermaid" probably takes place in Denmark.
  • So it could be that the sunken ship that is seen in "Little Mermaid" is the same ship the king and queen rode out before they died.
A still from the "Frozen 2" trailer.

Yes, but: "Frozen" co-director Chris Buck said in a Reddit AMA back in 2015 that Elsa and Anna's parents didn't die on the boat.

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  • He said they and their newborn baby boy washed up on the shore of a jungle and built a treehouse before they were attacked by a leopard.
  • And guess what — that's the opening of "Tarzan."
  • "I said, 'Of course Anna and Elsa's parents didn't die,'" Buck said, according to MTV. "Yes, there was a shipwreck, but they were at sea a little bit longer than we think they were because the mother was pregnant, and she gave birth on the boat, to a little boy. They get shipwrecked, and somehow they really washed way far away from the Scandinavian waters, and they end up in the jungle. They end up building a tree house and a leopard kills them, so their baby boy is raised by gorillas. So in my little head, Anna and Elsa's brother is Tarzan — but on the other side of that island are surfing penguins, to tie in a non-Disney movie, 'Surf's Up.' That's my fun little world."
  • So, yeah.
A still from the "Frozen 2" trailer.

To sum up: We know nothing about the "Frozen 2" plot and whether or not the characters will be trying to find the king and queen. But, if so, will they run into Tarzan and other Disney characters? Time will tell.

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