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Letter to the editor

Utah’s GOP lawmakers like to remind us we live in a republic, not a democracy.

That’s how they justify dismissing the values of their constituents. They will do anything to retain power and deny citizen involvement. They fight fair redistricting laws, limit voter participation in primaries and have nearly bankrupted their party challenging Count My Vote in court.

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Now they seek to destroy the initiative process, and their actions threaten the integrity of our elections. Voters rejected partial Medicaid expansion when they passed Proposition 3 in November. Utahns demanded full Medicaid expansion, and demonstrated a willingness to pay for it. But lawmakers began their legislative session scrambling to overturn Proposition 3 and nullify the will of the voters with a hastily written bill, lacking sufficient fiscal analysis. Their message is loud and clear: They don’t share your values, and your vote doesn’t count.

Whether one supports Medicaid expansion or not, this should be concerning because it demonstrates that our representatives have no accountability to their voters.

Jessica Rawson