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Letter to the editor

President Trump advocated outlawing late-term abortions in his State of the Union. He is absolutely right. Late-term abortions are both dangerous to the mother and 100 percent fatal to the child.

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Many congresswomen at his speech showed solidarity with late-term abortions. Dressed in white, reminiscent of destroying angels, they choose to vigorously defend their own so-called right to elective abortion while selfishly denying life to the most vulnerable who can’t choose.

In Utah we have the chance to make a difference on this issue by passing legislation to protect the lives of unborn children. HB136 bans abortions after 15 weeks with reasonable exceptions. HB166 protects babies with Down syndrome. These bills are worth the fight if only because the actual lives of children are worth it.

Our law should secure to all children their inherent birthright to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Matthew Maddox

American Fork