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If it were not so serious, I would find it almost amusing that the legislators who are trying to rescind the decision of the citizens of Utah to expand Medicaid coverage for the poor are the same people who complain the most when the federal government claims to know what's best for Utah when passing laws and regulations governing the environment, education, federal land and more — without listening to the citizens of this state.

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Many of our legislators apparently believe that people were well enough informed to vote for them, but cannot have been informed when they voted for Medicaid expansion. I find this position to be, at the very least, arrogant. Why is it that legislators, who were just normal residents the day before they were elected to office, seem to know so much more than everyone else once elected?

They treat voter-approved initiatives as "advisory opinions" rather than law. If minor tweaks to Proposition 3 are necessary, so be it. It is inexcusable for legislators to ignore the voice of the people because of their personal feelings or agendas.

David McConkie