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Beaver High School: Back row from left: Easton Barney, Computer Technology; Karleen LeBaron, Business & Marketing; Mason Bartlett, Visual Arts; Brailee Robinson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Dalyn Dalton, General Scholarship; Taylnn Brown, Social Science; Brody Pollmann, Music. Front row from left: Daniele Weldert, Dance; Jordan Collings, Agricultural Science; Tavy Gale, English; Rachel McMaster, World Languages; Ashlynn Limb, Mathematics.

The pursuit of excellence — in scholarship, leadership and citizenship — is what defines a Sterling Scholar in the state of Utah. Each high school senior who is recognized and awarded has demonstrated their knowledge, success and vision by presenting a portfolio of their work in a specific category, has been interviewed by judges and advanced at the high school, semifinal and finals levels. From finalists in each of 15 categories, one Sterling Scholar winner is chosen and announced at an awards ceremony.

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The Deseret News and KSL Broadcast Group developed the program to focus attention on outstanding seniors, to recognize them publicly and award cash scholarships and tuition waivers from participating institutions. The Sterling Scholar Awards Program seeks to commend and encourage excellence among all nominees. All nominees are judged equally on the basis of scholastic achievement without regard to religion, sex, political preference or national origin.

Categories for the Southwest Region include: Agricultural Science, Business & Marketing, Computer Technology, Dance, English, Family & Consumer Sciences, General Scholarship, Mathematics, Music, Science, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education, Social Science, Speech/Drama, Visual Arts and World Languages.

Beaver High School: Back row from left: Easton Barney, Computer Technology; Karleen LeBaron, Business & Marketing; Mason Bartlett, Visual Arts; Brailee Robinson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Dalyn Dalton, General Scholarship; Taylnn Brown, Social Science; Brody Pollmann, Music. Front row from left: Daniele Weldert, Dance; Jordan Collings, Agricultural Science; Tavy Gale, English; Rachel McMaster, World Languages; Ashlynn Limb, Mathematics.
Bryce Valley High School: Madison Syrett, Science; Makenna Syrett, Family & Consumer Sciences; Jacob Brinkerhoff, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Dallie Johnson, Agricultural Science; Lizeth Quijada, Mathematics.
Canyon View High School: Back row from left: Benjamin Blake, English; Ryan Walton, Science; Jared Hunt, Business & Marketing; Jordan Slade, Computer Technology. Middle row from left: Britt Dunnell, General Scholarship; Kenna Johnson, Social Science; Noah Jones, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Wytney Larson, Agricultural Science; Jamie Ashworth, Music; Shelby McIntosh, Visual Arts. Front row from left: Katelyn Stark, World Languages; Payden Dalton, Mathematics; Sadie Webster, Family & Consumer Sciences; Jessica Sahagun, Dance; Natalie Pierce, Speech/Drama.
Cedar High School: Back row from left: Samantha Nakken, Speech/Drama; Camille Whitaker, Music; Collins Clark, Agricultural Science; Leon Weingartner, Mathematics; David Gray, English; Kaden Yardley, Computer Technology; Elizabeth Wall, Family & Consumer Sciences; Sierra Newbold, Visual Arts. Front row from left: MaKaty Thorley, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Claire Allen, Social Science; Kristyn Selden, Business & Marketing; RoseMarie Urbanek, Science; London Richards, World Languages; Kennedy Nielsen, Dance; Eliza Allen, General Scholarship.
Desert Hills High School: Back row from left: Josie Staheli; Dance; Alyssa Fox; Social Science; Kierstyn Meredith, Speech/Drama; Taylor Black, Family & Consumer Sciences; Indya Wilson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Kailey Thompson, Visual Arts; Aly Candland, Music; Hannah Justvig, World Languages. Front row from left: Derek Sneddon, Computer Technology; Oliver Escobar, Business & Marketing; Wyatt Losee, Science; Sung Hyun Kim, Agricultural Science; A. J. Giles, Mathematics; Luke Reid, English; Braxton Rasmussen, General Scholarship.
Dixie High School: From left: Yash Vyas, General Scholarship; Taylor Tew, Speech/Drama; Annie Heaton, English; Eli McConnell, Computer Technology; Nathan Vaughn, Social Science; Zoe Price, Visual Arts; Courtney Grob, Dance; Preston English, Business & Marketing; Jentry Lowe, Music; Ashton Anderson, Agricultural Science; Sage Anderson, World Languages; Asher Barnum, Family & Consumer Sciences; Andrew Larkin, Science; Angela Crooks, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Weston Seegmiller, Mathematics.
Dixie Success: From left: Mackenzie Lou McNeil, Music; Haylee M. Jackman, Visual Arts; Ali Talib Mustufa Saifee, General Scholarship; Naomi Ann Clyde, Dance; Jessica Padron-Loredo, World Languages; Brooklyn Sage Hafen, Social Science; Austin Douglas Rands, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Kenedy Lindsay Collins, Computer Technology; Luke Matthew Green, Mathematics; Cianna LaRee Johnson, Family & Consumer Sciences; Silver Wade Beatty, Speech/Drama; Samantha Marie Tobin, Science; Rebekah Laurenne Caldwell, English.
Enterprise High School: Back row from left: Ashton Bundy, Dance; Shelbie Farnsworth, Family & Consumer Sciences; Ryan Holt, Business & Marketing; Hunter Fowler, Mathematics; Scott Reber, Agricultural Science; Emily Dunford, Music. Front row from left: Timorie Phelps, English; Kamrin Koopmans, General Scholarship; Cassady Jensen, Speech/Drama; Lindee Gardner, Science; Kindy Christensen, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Kangie Bundy, Visual Arts.
Escalante High School: From left: Alissa Catmull, English; Lori Torgersen, Family & Consumer Sciences; Megan White, General Scholarship; Tallin Whetten, Speech/Drama; Lilly Steed, Social Sciences; Emelia Knaphus, Music.
Hurricane High School: Back row from left: Araseli Argomaniz, World Languages; Sydney Dobson, English; Jayden Baker, Dance; Megan Schieve, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; McKaela Lemmon, Family & Consumer Sciences; Sara Stewart, Science. Middle row from left: Brandon Miller, Business & Marketing; McKena Carter, Visual Arts; Alexis Martin, General Scholarship; Abbi Elison, Social Science; Lela Wixom, Mathematics; Kalan Howard, Agricultural Science. Front Row: Daymeon Doyle, Computer Technology; Emily LeBaron, Speech/Drama; Jackson Reese, Music.
Kanab High School: From left: Lance Little, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Dustin Bistline, Visual Arts; Nellie Bowman, World Languages; Jamie Keller, General Scholarship; Ally Haycock, Mathematics; Maesen Clegg, English; Dylan Bistline, Science; Morgan Stewart, Business & Marketing; Emilie Oblad, Computer Technology; Alix Nokes, Speech/Drama.
Milford High School: From left: Chacoy Wood, Visual Arts; Iztel Perez, World Languages; Loren Cox, English; Paxton Henrie, Mathematics; Ayline Vega, Science; Emily Reynolds, Music; Brixton Wintch, Agricultural Science; Kelsea Mayer, Dance. Not pictured: Sunny Wiseman, Family & Consumer Sciences; Haylee Davis, General Education.
Panguitch High School: From left: Kimber Finch, Mathematics; Jayde Rose, English; Athina Kremidas, General Scholarship; McCall Tebbs, Family & Consumer Sciences; Jessica Muirhead, Speech/Drama; Nayvee Burningham, Dance. Not pictured: Alexa Tishma, Music.
Parowan High School: From left: Chauncy Wilson, Computer Technology; Preston Pace, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Emily Gurr, Visual Arts; Emmy Orton, Science; Emily Johnson, Social Science; Skylee Melling, Music; Matthew Benson, General Scholarship; Daniel Horton, Mathematics.
Pine View High School: Back row from left: Vanessa Cox, Computer Technology; Zaisha Naegle, Agricultural Science; Reagan Housley, Science; Addi Baker, Social Science; Brooke Schimbeck, Speech/Drama; Kesley Gifford, Family & Consumer Sciences; Baylie Wright, Dance; Erynn Swinson, Visual Arts. Front row from left: Maycee Hayes, World Languages; Tavin Borrowman, General Scholarship; Kyler Anderson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Gibson Crawford, Mathematics; Kelton Gledhill, English; Maysen Fielding, Business & Marketing; Megan Lind, Music.
Snow Canyon High School: Front row from left: Hallie Steel, Computer Technology; Sierra Gearhart, Agriculture Science; Peyton Feurer, Visual Arts; Margaret Cook, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Grace Walters, Dance; Noelle Burton, English; Luca Nordquist, Mathematics. Back row from left: Hallie Pursel, Business & Marketing; Morgan Gertge, Science; Jeremiah Tolman, Social Science; David Park, General Education; Abe Lamoreaux, Speech/Drama; Eric Call, World Languages; Lauren Hoss, Family & Consumer Sciences; Melynda Hughes, Music.
Tuacahn High School: Back row from left: Marlie Root, Speech/Drama; Isabella Arras, English; Skylar Lees, Social Science; Tayden Merrill; Computer Technology. Front row from left: Isabelle Bowers, Science; Bailey Heiner, Mathematics; Hayley Reno, General Scholarship; Isabelle Glover, Music; Samantha Haddock, Visual Arts.
Valley High School: From left: Orrin Wood, Business & Marketing; Rebekah Esplin, Visual Arts; Mackenzie Morgan, Family & Consumer Sciences; Kelsie Barrick, Music; Ashlynn Spencer, Agriculture Science; Logan Dean, Mathematics.