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Altamont High School: Back row from left: Karissa Lemmon, English; McKinlee Thacker, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Elizabeth Markert, Mathematics; Emily Loertscher, Vocal Performance. Front row from left: Wesley Thacker, Business & Marketing; Bryson Pugh, Science; Braxton Hyde, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

The pursuit of excellence — in scholarship, leadership and citizenship — is what defines a Sterling Scholar in the state of Utah. Each high school senior who is recognized and awarded has demonstrated their knowledge, success and vision by presenting a portfolio of their work in a specific category, has been interviewed by judges and advanced at the high school, semifinal and finals levels. From finalists in each of 16 categories, one Sterling Scholar winner is chosen and announced at an awards ceremony.

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The Deseret News and KSL Broadcast Group developed the program to focus attention on outstanding seniors, to recognize them publicly and award cash scholarships and tuition waivers from participating institutions. The Sterling Scholar Awards Program seeks to commend and encourage excellence among all nominees. All nominees are judged equally on the basis of scholastic achievement without regard to religion, sex, political preference or national origin.

Categories for the Northeast Region include: English, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, World Languages, Visual Arts, Computer Technology, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education, Agricultural Science, Family & Consumer Sciences, Business & Marketing, Vocal Performance, Dance, Instrumental Music and General Scholarship.

Altamont High School: Back row from left: Karissa Lemmon, English; McKinlee Thacker, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Elizabeth Markert, Mathematics; Emily Loertscher, Vocal Performance. Front row from left: Wesley Thacker, Business & Marketing; Bryson Pugh, Science; Braxton Hyde, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.
Duchesne High School: Back row from left: Britton Rowley, Mathematics; Dakota Tegan, Family & Consumer Sciences; Joseph Patrick, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Middle row from left: Ashlyn Gatherum, Social Science; Madison Rowley, Vocal Performance; Jayde Moon, Computer Technology; Rebecka Denney, General; Jewelee Ries, English. Front row from left: Alyssa Grant, Science; Rylee Bleazard, Agriculture Science; Brytan Hagerman, Visual Arts.
Dugway High School: From left: Koren McCarthy, Dance; Elsbeth Kruse, English; Kayla Warr, Agriculture Science; Jesus Valdiviezo, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.
Grantsville High School: Back row from left: Madalyn Geldmacher, Social Science; Seth Smurthwaite, Mathematics; Seth Beckett, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Macady Haws, Agriculture Science; Ethan Smurthwaite, World Languages; Whitnee Harding, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Gregor Allen, Computer Technology; Bailee Hill, General. Front row from left: MaShayla Scriven, Business & Marketing; Sarah Kurtz, Instrumental Music; Scout Sutton, Dance; Kylee Haycock, English; Hanna Porter, Visual Arts; Alexandria Wood, Science; Alyssa Chambers, Vocal Performance.
Morgan High School: Back row from left: Kaven Johanson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Kenidee Kelsey, Dance; Meagan Matthews, Mathematics; Ethan Moore, Social Science; Suzanna Stegelmeier, Visual Arts; Landon Fackrell, Computer Technology; Carson Flitton, Instrumental Music; Sawyer Skidmore, Family & Consumer Sciences; Aspen Francis, Agricultural Science. Front row from left: Samuel Montgomery, Business & Marketing; Cameron Brooks, General; Morgan Johnson, English; Brooke Grow, Science; Taylor Polad, Vocal Performance; Morgan Lyman, World Languages. Not Pictured: Samantha Gibson, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.
North Summit High School: Back row from left: Esther Ellen Jill Brown, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Stacy Rosiles Rodriguez, Science; Cody White, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Mikayla Richins, Vocal Performance; Craig Ritzman, English. Middle row from left: Chandler McKnight, Business & Marketing; McKell Ferry, World Languages; Allie Boyer, General; Jay Dearden, Mathematics. Front row from left: Kaden Jacobson, Agriculture Science; McKenna Stephens, Family & Consumer Sciences; Melissa Crittenden, Visual Arts; Alicia Smith, Social Science; Aren Bingham, Instrumental Music.
Park City High School: Back row from left: Karl Graf, Computer Technology; Max Jones, Science; Jake Oberg, Social Science; Garrett McClellan, Agricultural Science; Emma Judd, Instrumental Music; Annie Sheinberg, Mathematics. Middle row from left: Josie Slobodow, Dance; Shaun Roberts, Business & Marketing; Gigi Perkins, Visual Arts; Camille Breiholz, English. Front row from left: Claire Oberg, General; Alessandra Marre, World Languages; Brennah Strange, Family & Consumer Sciences; Nina Williams, Speech/Theatre Arts/Forensics; April Buys, Vocal Performance; Will Watkins, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.
Rich High School: Back row from left: Rachel Wamsley, Visual Arts; Fallon Johnson, Agriculture Science; Reagan Huefner, Computer & Information Technology; Jared Anderson, Business & Marketing; Jaden Nelson, Mathematics; Logan Johnson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Taylor McKinnon, English; Tiriana Smith, Vocal Performance. Front row from left: Kimberly Cubas, World Languages; Kirina Johnson, Science; Lauren Thomson, General; Emalee Willis, Music; Hannah Coburn, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Janica Carver, Dance; Lindsay Barker, Family & Consumer Sciences.
South Summit High School: Back row from left: Hagen Miles, English; Logan Davis, Agricultural Science; Jacob Rydalch, Mathematics; Jonathan Bear, Instrumental Music. Front row from left: Alexis Crittenden, Dance; Brooklyn Tuttle, General; Gracie Averett, Social Science; Carmel Slater, Vocal Performance. Not pictured: Jared Leary, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Olivia Smith, Business; Beck Walton, Drama; Koven Card, Science.
Tabiona High School: Back row from left: Preston Fabrizio, Computer Technology; Hadley Cardwell, Science; JaNessa Jenkins, Social Science; Parker Lewis, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Koby Thacker, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education. Front row from left: Gaige Reilley, Family & Consumer Sciences; Kasidie Thomas, General; Hayes Giles, Agricultural Science; Aspen Stewart, English; Wyatt Fabrizio, Business & Marketing.
Uintah High School: Back row from left: Stephanie McCarrel, Business & Marketing; KarLee Zager, World Languages; Maren Hopper, Instrumental Music; Rylie Dutson, English. Third row, from left: Jeranie Haslem, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Emily Despain, Science; Liberty Bennion, Social Science. Second row, from left: Sara Larsen, Vocal Performance; Whitney Walk, Mathematics; Alexis Conduff, Dance. Front row from left: Caleb Tibbett, Computer Technology; David Tovar, Visual Arts; Caleb Hunt, General; Bowde Mold, Family & Consumer Sciences; Jackson Gardiner, Agricultural Science; Hayden Boren, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.
Union High School: From left: Kyson Tanner, Instrumental Music; Brett Swain, Mathematics; Shawn Price, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Nathan Wallace, General Scholarship; Lyndee Miller, Visual Arts; Brenden Holgate, Computer Technology; Annalee Birchell, Social Science; Arielyn Larsen, Agricultural Science; Hailey Farnsworth, Dance; Tiffany Winterton, English; McKenna Allred, Science; Emily Wheelwright, Family & Consumer Sciences.
Wasatch High School: Back row from left: Maddalena Willis, Visual Arts; Steven Rowe, Mathematics; Jack Sheehan, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Dallin Huff, Computer Technology; Ethan Hardy, Science; Hayden Andersen, Agriculture Science; Benjamin McCullough, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Elise Wilhite. Business & Marketing. Front row from left: Alanna Linford, World Languages; Emmelia Cieslewicz, General; Gabrielle Huntsman, Family & Consumer Sciences; Abby Knudsen, Social Science; Grace Nichols, Dance; Rachel Brighton, English; Maggie Scott, Vocal Performance; Hannah Chipman, Instrumental Music.