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Academy for Math Engineering and Science: Back row from left: Sylviane Bahati, Family & Consumer Sciences; Michael Delgado, English; Awais Ahmad, Science; Tren Hirschi, Computer Technology; Front row from left: Tressa Parkes, Visual Arts; Sadia Dahir, Speech/Theatre Arts/Forensics; Anisa Madey, Social Science; Erin Floresca, Mathematics; Citlaly Chavez, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.

The pursuit of excellence — in scholarship, leadership and citizenship — is what defines a Sterling Scholar in the state of Utah. Each high school senior who is recognized and awarded has demonstrated their knowledge, success and vision by presenting a portfolio of their work in a specific category, has been interviewed by judges and advanced at the high school, semifinal and finals levels. From finalists in 14 categories, one overall Sterling Scholar winner is chosen and announced at an awards ceremony.

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The Deseret News and KSL Broadcast Group developed the program to focus attention on outstanding seniors, to recognize them publicly and award cash scholarships and tuition waivers from participating institutions. The Sterling Scholar Awards Program seeks to commend and encourage excellence among all nominees. All nominees are judged equally on the basis of scholastic achievement without regard to religion, sex, political preference or national origin.

Categories for the Wasatch Front Region include: English, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, World Languages, Computer Technology, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education, Family & Consumer Sciences, Business & Marketing, Speech/TheaterArts/Forensics, Vocal Performance, Visual Arts, Instrumental Music and Dance.

Academy for Math Engineering and Science: Back row from left: Sylviane Bahati, Family & Consumer Sciences; Michael Delgado, English; Awais Ahmad, Science; Tren Hirschi, Computer Technology; Front row from left: Tressa Parkes, Visual Arts; Sadia Dahir, Speech/Theatre Arts/Forensics; Anisa Madey, Social Science; Erin Floresca, Mathematics; Citlaly Chavez, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.
American International School of Utah: Back row from left: Brandon Bellazetin, Family & Consumer Sciences; Keziah De La Rosa, Science; Thomas Stay, Computer Technology; Griffin Joyner, Business & Marketing. Middle row from left: Brinlee Burnigham, Vocal Performance; Abbie Simpson, Dance; Katrina Marsden, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Moriya Nelson, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Front Row from left: Liahona Lance, Visual Arts; Alex Mulet, Social Science; Victoria Soper, English; Tressa Hunt, Instrumental Music.
American Preparatory Academy, Draper campus: David Diaz, English; Spencer DenBleyker, Mathematics; Keeley Hartin, Dance; Edison Morrow, Science; Michelle Salazar, Social Science; Gabe Maxfield, Computer Technology; Cassandra Butler, Visual Arts.
American Preparatory Academy, West Valley campus: Back row from left: Javier Montoya, Family & Consumer Sciences; Daniel Alonso, Instrumental Music; Andres Acosta, Dance; Adrian Castro, Computer Technology; Javier Gomez, Science; Jacqueline Hancock, World Languages. Front row from left: Isabella Baker, Visual Arts; Angela Garcia, English; Kaitlyn Sciortino, Vocal Performance; Nancy Pasillas, Social Science; Kim Nguyen, Mathematics. Not Pictured: Elijah Bailey, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.
Beehive Academy: From left: Sahana Kargi, Dance; Aliza Murad, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.
Bingham High School: Back row from left: Laurel Smith, World Languages; Sydney Evans, Vocal Performance; Jacob McCoy, Mathematics; Jacob Southwick, Computer Technology; Macey Sorenson, Dance. Middle row from left: Kaleigh Hansen, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Allison Argueta, Social Science; Savanah Thomas, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Sarah Hepworth, Visual Arts. Front row from left: Alicia Kuhlmann, Science; Kylee Rasmussen, English; Kaylan Christensen, Family & Consumer Sciences; Cynthia Wang, Business & Marketing; Jonathan Lee, Instrumental Music.
Brighton High School: Back row from left: Autumn Jones, Visual Arts; Amelia Munson, Science; Jenna Rupper, Instrumental Music; Adam Ranck, Mathematics; Amanda Lowry, Vocal Performance; Tyler King, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Ellie Anderson, English; Allison Tatton, Family & Consumer Sciences; Anna Slagle, Social Science. Front row from left: Payton DeGraw, World Languages; Alexis Wilson, Dance; Jessica Waldron, Business & Marketing; Mackenzie Connoly, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.
City Academy: From left: Claire Scoville, English, Dr. Sonia Woodbury.
Copper Hills High School: Back row from left: Nathan Sill, Mathematics; Daud Mumin, Social Science; Erik Peterson, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Tyler Carson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Alexis Bowles, Science. Middle row from left: Annalicia Loveridge, Instrumental Music; Amber Potts, Dance; Kaitlyn Thorpe, Visual Arts; Enfany Ngo, Family & Consumer Sciences. Front row from left: Kaela Sayasith, Computer Technology; Bailey Van Wagoner, Business & Marketing; Abigail Hokanson, Vocal Performance; Adelaide Marshall, English; Valery Juarez-Reyes, World Languages.
Cottonwood High School: Front row from left: Gabriella Schwartz, English; Chandler Wilson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Ethan Elwood, Computer Technology; Nami Eskandarian, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Sophia Aste, Visual Arts. Middle row from left: Juliana Banks, Science; Charlotte Drury, Instrumental Music; Makala Wells, Family & Consumer Sciences; Sydnie Butler, World Languages. Back row from left: Maxwell Dunbar, Social Science; Jacob George, Business & Marketing; Logan Oliphant, Vocal Performance; Robert Louis Falck, Mathematics; Arelia Hernandez-Perez, Dance.
Cyprus High School: Back row from left: Ruben Case, Dance; Jayden Crowther, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Dustin Bowers, Mathematics; Zach Zito, Science; Gabriel Sherman, Visual Arts; Kaleb Crowford, Computer Technology; Jared Lassche, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Front row from left: Madison Fowler, Business & Marketing; Andrea Moreno De La Paz, World Languages; Taylor Winder, Social Science; Melody Christman, Vocal Performance; Emma Peterson, English; Alyssa Munro, Instrumental Music; Parker Bauman, Family & Consumer Sciences.
East High School: Mya Johnson, English; Michael Haggard, Mathematics; Taylor Hansen, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Guillermo Adam Oviedo, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Katherine Russell, Family & Consumer Sciences; Aidan Sproul, World Languages; Zoe Brown, Visual Arts; Spencer Hopson, Instrumental Music; Cali Lloyd, Dance; Nate Hooper, Social Science; Adam Jaskuloski, Computer Technology; Jack Perry, Science; Dylan Seeley, Vocal Performance; Thomas Stewart, Business & Marketing.
Freedom Preparatory Academy: Back row from left: Abbylyn K. Merrill, Visual Arts; Adam R. McKnight, Science; Alex V. Cespedes, Mathematics; Daniel P. Baltes, Business & Marketing; Joshua B. Kirkman, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Kimberley D. Sturm, English. Front row from left: Brynn M. LaFleur, Social Science; Jared R. Lee, Computer Technology; Valentina Hernandez Pena, Dance; Abigail Rowe, Instrumental Music.
Granger High School: Back row from left: Chloe Topacio, Vocal Performance; Anjelus Lettig, Dance; Sarah Reynolds, Visual Arts; Leila Mujic, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Omar Sanchez, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Sarai Perez, Visual Arts; Marian Figueroa, World Languages; Front row from left: Mary Newton, English; Jelena Dragicevic, Social Science; Harrison Wynn, Instrumental Music; Zackary Chistensen, Science; Eduardo Flores, Business & Marketing; Mariana Garcia, Family & Consumer Sciences.
Herriman High School: Back row from left: Kyle Nielson, Instrumental Music; Madilyn Mounteer, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Jefferson Harbaugh, Mathematics; Camryn Novakovich, Family & Consumer Sciences; Jaden Hoenes, Computer Technology. Middle row from left: Leslie Bennion, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Hannah Freeman, Social Science; Aislin Pyper, Business & Marketing; Lindsay Reyes, English. Front row from left: Parker Reynolds, World Languages; Sophie Budd, Dance; Kenadee Jacobson, Science; Kate Darton, Visual Arts; Laura Janis, Vocal Performance.
Highland High School: Back row from left: Sadie Swain, Instrumental Music; Andrew Pignanelli, Business & Marketing; Margaret Lea, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; James Stoddart, World Languages; Kara Ngu, Vocal Performance; Andrew Furst, Science; Katarina Schilling, English; Marjorie Goble, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Daisy Ocegueda, Computer Technology. Front Row: Gabriella Ebert, Visual Arts; Joshua Bott, Social Science; Tyler Bowden, Mathematics; Annie Lewis, Dance.
Hillcrest High School: Back row from left: Aleisha Meier, Vocal Performance; Michelle Sluga, Dance; Aidan Smith, Instrumental Music; Alan Zhao, Mathematics; Emily Trujillo, World Languages. Middle row from left: Alexander Cheng, Science; Tess Jorgensen, Business & Marketing; Meereaore Birima, Family & Consumer Sciences; Emily Langie, Social Science. Front row from left: Ashley Howell, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Hongying Alana Liu, Visual Arts; Eric Yu, Computer Technology; Corinne Rogers, English; Ashley Horiuchi, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.
Hunter High School: Back row from left: Laura Hamlet, Social Science; Diana Tran, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Annabelle Smith, Dance; Brittany Kuhn, Science; Emily Murray, Vocal Performance; Gwen Grunwald, Visual Arts; Sandra Del Rio Madrigal, English. Front row from left: Hayden Peterson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Nelson Tran, Computer Technology; Jessica Anaya, Mathematics; Natalia Warren, Business & Marketing; Aurora Veronica Pacheco, World Languages; Matthew Horn, Family & Consumer Sciences; Olivia Olschewski, Instrumental Music.
Jordan High School: Back row from left: Gwendelyn Christopherson, Social Science; Jackson Carter, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Derek Vawdrey, Computer Technology; Ethan Nielsen, Science; Jeddy Bennett, Mathematics. Middle row from left: Julian Dalley, World Languages; Ashley Larson, Family & Consumer Sciences; Shelby Carvalho, Visual Arts; Rhenick Edwards, Dance. Front row from left: Taryn Nielsen, Vocal Performance; Maya Thayne, English; Gunnar Russell, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Hailey White, Instrumental Music; Thiago Sprunt, Business & Marketing.
Kearns High School: Back row from left: Ian Jones, Instrumental Music; Nicholas Roach, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Blake Bell, Science; Magdelana Huft, World Languages; Brooklyn Leonard, Family & Consumer Sciences; Jill Whiting, Vocal Performance; Nolan Wellman, Business & Marketing. Front row from left: Rodney Tran, Mathematics; Moroni Fernandez Cajavilca, Social Science; Kayla Farrimond, Dance; Jorden Brady, English; Marian Dignan, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Christina Truong, Visual Arts.
Mountain Heights Academy: Back row from left: Nicholas Mueller, Computer Technology; Alexandria Fuller, Science; Madison Rice, World Languages. Front row from left: Brianna Fuller, English; Alysha Cox, Visual Arts.
Murray High School: Back row from left: Cole Lutkin, Computer Technology; Henry O’Bryan, Social Science; James Collings, Science; Mariner Merrill, English; Mason Holman, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education. Middle row from left: Ashley Bates, Vocal Performance; Sydney Bagley, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Erika Rosen, Instrumental Music; Symbria Lewis, Dance. Front row from left: Brynna Roberts, Visual Arts; Jessica Jorgensen, World Languages; Julianne Solomon, Mathematics; Anna Taylor, Family & Consumer Sciences; Brekke Pattison, Business & Marketing.
Olympus High School: Back row from left: Jonathan Robison, Computer Technology; Michael Thompson, Mathematics; Jaysen Jensen, Social Science; Daniel Rasch, Science; McLain Wolfenbarger, Business & Marketing; William Pace, Skilled & Technical Sciences. Front row from left: Hadley Nelson, Vocal Music; Madelin Thompson, Visual Arts; Sage Petersen, World Languages; Kate Hut, Speech/Theater/Forensics; Marlee Jeppsen, English; Hannah Hardy, Dance; Nicole Klonizos, Family & Consumer Sciences; Elizabeth VanDam, Instrumental Music.
Providence Hall: Back row from left: Parker Green, Mathematics; Jarod D. Lewis, Speech/ Theatre Arts/Forensics; Nolan Beck, Instrumental Music; William Keel, Social Sciences; Rachel Weiss, Vocal Performance. Front row from left: Emma Kelsch, English; Tayla Chiang, Science; Hannah Larsen, Visual Arts; Hyrum Briganti, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Gabriela Lambourne, Business & Marketing; Tiffany Chan, Computer Technology. Not pictured: Jessica Hadlock, Dance.
Riverton High School: Back row from left: Broc Stowe, Social Sciences; Spencer Young, Skilled & Technical Sciences; Kyle Boden, Visual Arts; Dallin McDougal, Computer Technology. Middle row from left: Emily VanWagoner, World Languages; Katelyn Eskleson, Business & Marketing; Emma Lambert, Instrumental Music; Jakon Allred, Mathematics; Courtney Scott, Family & Consumer Sciences; Payton Thomas, Science. Front row from left: Ashlee Drennen, Vocal Performance; Sarajane Hale, Theater Arts; McKenzie Wagner, English; Baylee Dowdle, Dance.
Salt Lake School of the Performing Arts: From left: Ellie Gibson, Vocal Performance, Ava Oertle, Dance; Gabriel Bangerter, Visual Arts; Jordan Petersen, World Languages; Heather Tally, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.
Skyline High School: Back row from left: Asha Pruitt, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Alexandra Cannon, Vocal Performance; Howard Ying, Computer Technology; Lauren Lengel, English; Anne Miner, Dance; Sarah Sun, Business & Marketing; Alexandria Hong, Science; Peter Zhou, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education. Front row from left: Megan Zeng, Mathematics; Anne Romney, Family & Consumer Sciences; Kate De Groote, Social Science; Annabelle Buchanan, Instrumental Music; Amelia Webb, World Languages; Maggie Liu, Visual Arts.
Taylorsville High School: Back row from left: Riley Martinez, Social Science; Jaden Jensen, Vocal Performance; Timothy Pitts, Mathematics; Lucas Carpenter, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Landon Nichols, Science; Siaosi Heimuli, Family & Consumer Sciences; Jordan Swain, Business & Marketing. Front row from left: Isabella Ashton, Instrumental Music; Sierra Larsen, World Languages; Berkeley Perschon, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; M’Lynn Suwinski, Visual Arts; Audrey Helm, English.
West Jordan High School: Back row from left: Allyson Timpson, Social Studies; Elizabeth Cicon, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Tanner Stirling, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Zach Gundersen, Mathematics; Uriel Maldonado, Business & Marketing. Middle row from left: Bethanie Crockett, Vocal Performance; Lauren Davis, Computer Technology; Charissa Clark, Visual Arts; Eden Starks, World Languages. Front row from left: Amanda Hackworth, Dance; Jacob Bunker, Instrumental Music; Shaylee Jones, English.Not Pictured: Maria Salazar, Science.