Univeristy of Miami football via Twitter (@CanesFootball)

SALT LAKE CITY — Perhaps the most intimidating football player to sign a national letter of intent Wednesday was, of course, a punter.

Special teams players who go up against the Miami Hurricanes might think twice about trying to block a punt after seeing the photo of Louis Hedley that circulated around Twitter after he officially signed.

Though you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, this Australian sure looks like he’s not afraid of taking anyone on.

The sophomore-to-be, who played a season at City College of San Francisco, is 6-foot-4 and weighs 215 pounds. That appears to be 215 pounds of solid muscle and body ink, by the way. Hedley has a thick neck, broad shoulders, beefy biceps and a don’t-mess-with-me moustache.

Utah also picked up another Australian, and Luke Felix-Fualalo doesn’t look like someone you’d want to mess with, either. Felix-Fualalo is a 6-foot-7, 302-pound offensive lineman who worked his way up to being a three-star recruit after moving to the U.S. to learn how to play football.

Felix-Fualalo, who played for Mater Dei High School in Los Angeles, officially signed last month.

As for the other big man from Down Under, Utah football play-by-play announcer Bill Riley joked with former Aussie punter and football analyst Tom Hackett about the new Miami athlete.

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Hackett, who now works for KSL.com sports, informed Riley that Hedley is “a proud member” of the ProKick Australia program that has prepared a boatload of punters to play American football. That list includes ex-Ute Mitch Wishnowsky and new Utah recruit Ben Lennon.

Some football fans joked back to Riley and Hackett that Miami-bound Hedley looks like he’s somewhere between 35 and 40 years old — among other jokes — and ProKick Australia tweeted out a congratulations.

Hedley, a former scaffolder, apparently changed his life around and has thrived so far in college.