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Kenneth Mays
Hannibal, Missouri, a city in Elder Spencer W. Kimball's mission that he visited years later.

Spencer W. Kimball, 12th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spent the first half of his life in Arizona and the second half in Utah.

From 1914-1916 he served in the Central States Mission. Years later, he toured some of the sites where he had served as a young elder, reliving memories he had made there. Those sites included Hannibal and Richmond, Missouri.

Kenneth Mays
As stake clerk, Spencer W. Kimball was officed in this building.

Following his mission Spencer married Camilla Eyring. In addition to various jobs, he served as clerk of the St. Joseph Stake, a calling which had a small stipend and its own office in a separate stake building. That building is still extant.

In 1937, Spencer and Camilla Kimball visited several countries in Europe. No city they saw had an impact on them equal to that of Rome, Italy, particularly the Colosseum (see "Spencer W. Kimball," by Edward L. Kimball and Andrew E. Kimball Jr., page 163).

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The Kimball family moved in 1940 into a new “dream” home in Safford, Arizona. They lived in that home for only three years because of Elder Spencer W. Kimball’s call to be a member of the Quorum of the Twelve in July 1943, which necessitated a move to church headquarters. Finding housing in Salt Lake City at that time was challenging but, after staying with relatives, they were able to stay in a home near East High School in Salt Lake City. They later stayed in a downtown apartment building for about a year.

Eventually, the Kimball family moved into a home in the Bonneville Stake near Emigration Creek where they lived from 1947-1979. Because of health issues, President Kimball’s final residence was the Hotel Utah, now the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.