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Jenny McCarthy explained to PageSix this week why she always thought Fox's “The Masked Singer” would be a success.

SALT LAKE CITY — Jenny McCarthy explained to PageSix this week why she always thought “The Masked Singer” would be a success.

McCarthy said her agents approached her with a handful of shows and called “The Masked Singer” a “definite pass.” Still, she decided to review it.

McCarthy said she reviewed an episode of the Korean version of the show and thought it was going to work. She said it “checks all the boxes” because it has celebrities, a little bit of mystery, and it’s something you can watch with your children.

  • “When it hit, they called me and were like, ‘You’re the only one who believed in this show,’” she said. “Every single person outside of the network thought that this was the worst thing that could (possibly) come on television.”

Related: TV producer Greg Plestis told The New York Post last week that he pitched the idea of the show to Fox after watching an episode of the original version at a Thai restaurant.

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  • “I had my back to the TV set and my daughter said, ‘Look at what’s on the TV,’” he said, according to my report. “I had a long day of working on another show and the last thing I wanted to do was watch TV, but she said, ‘Dad, you need to see this, it’s really interesting,’” he said.
  • “When I turned around and looked at the restaurant, everyone was glued to the TV set,” he says. “The Thai version (of the show) had elaborate outfits and lighting and a kangaroo dressed all in pleather. … I was mesmerized. I sat there and quickly (researched) the show’s premise, who owns it and called up my agent — literally right there in the restaurant — and said ‘I want to get this. There’s magic here.'"

Next up: The next episode airs Wednesday at 7 p.m. MT.