Silas Walker, Deseret News
FILE - Congressman Ben McAdams at the Salt Lake County Democratic Party election to choose a candidate to fill his place at Corner Canyon High School in Draper on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019.

SALT LAKE CITY — Rep. Ben McAdams, D-Utah, emphasized the need for both sides of the border wall debate to find common ground in an appearance Friday on Fox News.

"I think what we really need to be talking about is border security. … Certainly, there are illegal drugs and trafficking coming across the border. That needs to be taken very seriously, and we need solutions to stop that," McAdams told Fox News host Neil Cavuto.

When asked if he supports a wall, McAdams said, "Some physical barriers in strategic places has certainly got to be part of the solution."

McAdams said he believes Democrats and Republicans have become "caught up on the symbolism of what that wall means."

"And let's just take a step back from that and let's talk about the problem that we're trying to solve. I think if we can focus on that problem, there's a lot of common ground," he explained.

"We are worried about the drugs, the crime, everything at the border, and we need to come up with solutions that address that. And I think if we can reframe the conversation away from, you know, a wall or no wall and talk about safety and security at the border, I think there's common ground," McAdams said.

The new congressman said he believes solutions will include technology, as well as a physical barrier in some places.

"And I think comprehensive immigration reform, at the end of the day, has to be part of that, too."

When asked if he agrees with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calling a border wall "immoral," McAdams said he believes that label "draws lines in the sand that get in the way of actually negotiating and finding common ground."

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"I think what you see is, a little bit, both sides are moving further and further apart, and what we need is to come together and find out what unifies us. What points can we agree on? As long as we're casting this conversation if one side wins by the other side losing, then we're never going to find common ground. We've got to find a win-win," McAdams said.

Democrats and Republicans both have to be "willing to give," he said. "Let's make it so people can immigrate here legally and not illegally."