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With regard to SB96 to counteract the full Medicaid expansion approved on last November’s ballot, I feel that Utah’s legislators, governor and voters need to be reminded of the following portion of the Utah Constitution:

Article VI, Section 1. (1) The Legislative power of the state shall be vested in: (b) the people of the state of Utah as provided in Subsection (2) (2) (a)(i) The legal voters of the State of Utah, in the numbers, under the conditions, in the manner, and within the time provided by statute, may: (A) initiate any desired legislation and cause it to be submitted to the people for adoption upon a majority vote of those voting on the legislation, as provided by statute

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That is pretty straightforward. The people followed the appropriate statutes to get Proposition 3 on the ballot, and a majority of those who voted (in a year with high turnout) approved of the proposition. It is law. For Utah legislators to decide to change this law before it even goes into effect is disrespectful of the Utah Constitution and the right it gives the people to be co-lawmakers with the Legislature.

I urge all people of Utah to remind their state representatives of this.

Rebecca Gibbs

West Valley City