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Letter to the editor

A frog placed in an uncovered pot of water whose temperature gradually increases to boiling will remain in the pot until it dies. As our planet dangerously warms, I ask myself, “Will we humans leap before we cook?”

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I see promising signs that we will find our way out of the pot. Locally, Cottonwood Heights recently became the fourth city in Utah to commit to 100 percent clean electricity generation, joining Salt Lake City, Park City and Moab. Regionally, Idaho Gov. Brad Little announced that climate change is real and must be reversed. And on the national level, a group of economists, including the last four Federal Reserve chairmen, 15 former chairmen of the President's Council of Economic Advisors and 27 Nobel laureates, signed a statement supporting a carbon tax with dividends returned to the American people.

Even Exxon Mobil is on board, offering $1 million to Americans for Carbon Dividends, an educational and advocacy group. So I take heart. We may be in hot water. But with minds like these, we just may take the leap we need.

Marjorie McCloy

Salt Lake City