Richard Garrard
A telephoto view of the conjunction of Venus and the Moon, taken by Richard Garrard of the Utah Astronomy Club about 9:30 p.m., June 15, 2018.

SALT LAKE CITY β€” Yes, you really did see planets in the stars this morning.

On Thursday morning, early risers might have noticed two bright planets next to the crescent moon, according to Yahoo!

The planet on the left was Venus, while the planet on the right was Jupiter.

Social media members shared photos of the planets Thursday morning.

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Elsewhere: Stargazers in the United Kingdom and the United States had a glimpse of Venus, Jupiter and the moon on Tuesday morning, too, according to CNN.

  • And apparently, this is just the beginning. Researchers said this week that this is one of the first times Jupiter has re-emerged from behind the sun, according to CNN. The planet will continue to appear and be easier for stargazers to see over the next several months.
  • Jupiter will be easily viewable on June 10, CNN reports.

Social media users shared photos of the planetary makeup Tuesday and Wednesday.