Silas Walker, Deseret News
A stone lion guards one of the entrances to the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Friday, Jan. 25, 2019.

SALT LAKE CITY — Should cars and bicycles be allowed to proceed through a red light after stopping if no one else is around?

A bill that would allow bicyclists in Utah to roll through stop signs and red lights was greenlighted Thursday by the House Transportation Committee. HB0151, titled Traffic Flow Amendments, deals with cars at red lights, letting drivers go through the light if no one else is approaching and no pedestrians are in the intersection. HB0161applies to bicycle traffic at intersections, also allowing people to proceed with caution.

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Other issues expected to be discussed at the Statehouse during the day include:

  • Sen. Luz Escamilla, D-Salt Lake City, said she plans to file a bill to create a data "baseline" so Utah can start tracking environmental impact in the Utah Inland Port Authority's jurisdiction, about 16,000 acres in Salt Lake City's northwest quadrant.
  • Members of the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee are scheduled to discuss SB99, sales tax amendments that lower the rate of the state sales and use tax on items other than food, food ingredients and residential fuel.
  • The House Judiciary Committee is considering HB100, which would establish the Sexual Violence Protection Act to create a sexual violence protective order that could be placed on the statewide warrant system.

Here's what happened on Jan. 29, the third day of the 2019 session:

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  • Lawmakers on Wednesday advanced HB58, legislation that would formally create a committee to review opioid overdose deaths in hopes of bolstering the state's data and combatting the opioid crisis.