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There should be little doubt remaining that President Trump was responsible for the shutdown.

Blaming the Democrats makes no sense. Utah, according to a recent poll, is one of the reddest states blaming Trump and the Republicans.

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If a wall was such a great idea, Trump should have been willing, without threatening a prolonged shutdown, to let Congress vote it up or down on its own merits. He should have been totally convinced it was such a brilliant border strategy that his promise would easily garner a sufficient vote count on its own.

Fearing a backlash from the far right, he lied and exaggerated about the merits of a wall while a lack of empathy due to a narcissistic personality disregarded the potential suffering of federal workers and contractors.

Failing to come through on his initial promise to wall the entire border with Mexico paying for it, he attempted to pass any kind of limited wall deal no matter the collateral damage.

Raymond Hult