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It seems DACA has reared its ugly head once again in the Trump and Congress negotiations. Like the GOP platform, I am opposed to amnesty.

The worst part of DACA is that it offers an umbrella when it isn’t raining. Personal amnesty has been offered and granted for decades now, and it happens daily in the United States.

It works like this: A person who is here illegally hires an immigration attorney. The attorney compiles a case for amnesty that includes educational attainment, criminal background (you don’t have to be perfect), English proficiency, family situation and work history.

You obtain a recommendation or two from family, friends, clergy or your employer.

Then you exit the United States for a couple of days or weeks and re-enter through a border station. You get a BIA hearing with an immigration judge.

And you are now legal with a path to a green card, and even citizenship.

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Ironically, the current mess at the border makes the process more difficult due to border control and scheduling a court date with an immigration judge. The squeaky wheel is getting all the attention.

My point is, you can get individual amnesty now. No DACA needed.

The problem with DACA is that it will swamp the system and create backlogs and mistakes. The current process is reasonable and the standards should not be weakened to score political points.

Ask around. You’ll find people who got legal by this very process.

Gilbert Bates