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Jenny Alger, Everyday Jenny
Green Chile and Artichoke Dip provided by Jenny Alger from the blog Everyday Jenny.

SALT LAKE CITY — Other than the commercials — and, potentially the game — the best part of any Super Bowl party is often the food.

No need to settle for just chips and salsa this year. We asked nine Utah food bloggers to send over their favorite Super Bowl recipe to the Deseret News. The result: an assortment of flavor-rich dips, sandwiches, chili and more.

Whitney Wright, one of the local food bloggers we reached out to, believes the Super Bowl is the perfect time to try out and share homemade recipes with family and friends.

“It’s always a fun and energetic atmosphere,” Wright said in a recent interview. “Everyone is cheering on their favorite teams and eating good food. … I think appetizers and finger foods are the best.”

A new recipe or two, Wright said, can make this year’s Rams and Patriots game truly enjoyable, no matter the outcome.

These local food bloggers sent us a short email containing their favorite recipe and why they like it. Each of these recipes were created, tested, and enthusiastically approved by a Utah foodie. Happy eating!

Whitney Wright, Salt & Baker
Sweet Chili recipe provided by Whitney Wright from the blog Salt & Baker.

Sweet chili

Provided by Whitney Wright from Salt & Baker

Read the recipe for sweet chili here.

"Everyone knows the best part about the Super Bowl is the food," Wright wrote. "This chili recipe has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy! This is my go-to recipe to make whenever I need to feed a crowd or host a party. It’s convenient because it’s made in the slow cooker, and everyone loves it — kids included!"

Cheesy Buffalo chicken dip

Provided by Lizzy Early Cox from Your Cup of Cake

Read the recipe for cheesy Buffalo chicken dip here.

Cox, a food blogger from Orem, sent us a classic dip recipe. "No matter who you’re rooting for, this cheesy Buffalo chicken dip will win the day," Cox wrote. "It’s a five-ingredient recipe that’s super quick and easy to make! You can never go wrong with a warm cheesy dip. Serve it with crackers and chips. If you want to keep it healthier, serve it up with celery sticks!"

Lisa Childs, Instant Pot Cooking
Healthy Instant Pot Taco Lettuce Wraps recipe provided by Lisa Childs from the blog Instant Pot Cooking.

Healthy Instant Pot taco lettuce wraps

Provided by Lisa Childs from Instant Pot Cooking

Read the recipe for healthy Instant Pot taco lettuce wraps here.

Lisa Childs, a food blogger from South Jordan, is an early adapter of a now-popular cooking trend: the Instant Pot. Childs uses the Instant Pot to create a majority of the recipes on her blog, Instant Pot Cooking.

"This healthy spin on our favorite taco is the best way to add freshness and fun to your Super Bowl spread," Childs wrote. "Quinoa and beans help bulk up just one pound of ground beef or turkey to feed a crowd. Serve it as a taco or nacho bar with all your favorite toppings! The best part? It cooks in the Instant Pot and comes together start to finish in less than 20 minutes!"

Loaded ranch dip

Provided by Amber Brady from Dessert Now Dinner Later

Read the recipe for loaded ranch dip here.

Amber Brady, whose blog covers a range of American recipes, provided a flavorfully balanced spin on traditional ranch dip.

"For me, football season is all about the FOOD!" Brady wrote in an email. "This loaded ranch dip is the ultimate game day recipe because it's full of bacon, cheese, green onions and ranch dressing mix. What isn't there to love?! You can make it ahead of time and serve it cold, or warm it in the oven and enjoy it hot. Either way, you'll want to get some first because it will be gone in a flash!"

Jenny Alger, Everyday Jenny
Green Chile and Artichoke Dip provided by Jenny Alger from the blog Everyday Jenny.

Green chile and artichoke dip

Provided by Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Read the recipe for green chile and artichoke dip here.

This is an easy-to-make, delicious dip with artichokes, green chiles and Parmesan cheese. "No Super Bowl Party is complete without some kind of dip, and this one is a must! This green chile artichoke dip is super easy to prepare and always a crowd-pleaser," Alger wrote. "Just make sure to provide plenty of chips for dipping! Chips not your thing? It also tastes great with all sorts of vegetables like celery, cucumbers and carrots."

Hawaiian roll pizza sliders

Provided by Heather Cheney from Heather Likes Food

Read the recipe for Hawaiian roll pizza sliders here.

Looking to serve toasted sandwiches? "These sliders are perfect for game day because you can make them ahead of time and pop them into the oven when you're hungry for some melty, cheesy sliders!" Cheney wrote. "I also love them because they are totally customizable to your tastes! Make some for meat lovers, some veggie and some Hawaiian to suit everybody's tastes with minimal effort."

Karli Bitner, Cooking with Karli
Grape Jelly Meatballs and Weenies provided by Karli Bitner from the blog "Cooking with Karli".

Grape jelly meatballs and weenies

Provided by Karli Bitner from Cooking with Karli

Read the recipe for grape jelly meatballs and weenies here.

Karli Bitner, whose blog features a range of easy-prep recipes with "minimal ingredients and amazing taste," sent over a hot-dog favorite. "Grape jelly meatballs and weenies are a classic game day appetizer," Bitner wrote. "Whether made ahead of time in the Crock Pot — or at lightning speed in the Instant Pot — this four-ingredient appetizer is sure to be the real MVP!"

Bacon wrapped asparagus

Provided by Chanelle Cozette from Chanelle Cozette

Read the recipe for bacon wrapped asparagus here.

For those looking for recipes that will go easy on the digestive system, Cozette is your girl. "I'm not a 'normal' food blogger," Cozette wrote in an email to the Deseret News. "I'm an autoimmune and gut health expert — my recipes are tailored for those with food allergies, sensitivities and gut issues. But, this super simple recipe is always a hit at parties!

"A veggie conveniently hidden under crispy, tasty bacon is the perfect way to get in some micronutrients with macro flavor! Quick, simple and a fan favorite, bacon wrapped asparagus is an appetizer bacon-lovers will enjoy."

Katelyn Bell, Katelyn Bell Photography
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus provided by Chanelle Cozette from Chanelle Cozette.

Buffalo tempeh tacos with celery apple slaw & vegan Ranch dressing

Provided by Megan Roberts from Megan the Vegan Mom

Read the recipe for Buffalo tempeh tacos here.

This is a vegan spinoff of the classic street taco. "This Sunday, enjoy these tacos while you cheer on your favorite team!," Roberts wrote in an email describing her recipe. "This fun vegan twist on Buffalo tacos will have you tossing crispy tempeh slices in bold buffalo sauce, folding them in warm tortillas alongside your homemade ranch dressing and topping them off with a crunchy apple and celery slaw — a healthier alternative to your regular street taco!"

Beyond the snacks

In addition to finding the perfect recipe for your snack table, thinking through cleanup, serving and drinks ahead of time can decrease stress and help you enjoy the game. "I absolutely love peach punch for drinks," Wright told the Deseret News. "When we serve it for football watching parties, we always add in small plastic reusable football ice cubes. The punch is always a huge hit."

For cleanup, Wright said, providing paper plates and bottled water can help minimize mess.

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"(My best advice is) paper plates — maybe that is so lame. … I do always use paper products because it makes the cleanup easier. It reduces the amount of dishes. It takes a lot of stress off the person who's hosting, since people can pick up plates and serve themselves. … The plates aren't going to break if you're eating in front of the TV," Wright said.

Finally, Wright suggested that party throwers use a slow cooker recipe — her sweet chili recipe, Bitner's grape jelly weenies recipe or another one of the thousands of recipes on the internet — in order to have a hot meal ready to serve.

"I always tend to have some kind of slow cooker recipe going, whether it’s an appetizer recipe or a main dish … that way it can just stay warm the whole night. You have one less thing you have to worry about."