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I feel the need to educate Utah drivers who do not recognize an oncoming driver turning right, on their green arrow (not you, because your arrow is flashing yellow or you have a sign that tells you to yield to oncoming traffic), as a member of the oncoming traffic, and who decide to take their left turn in front of the right-turning vehicle, causing that vehicle to come to a quick stop to avoid an accident.

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If you are in a left turn lane waiting for oncoming traffic to clear before making your left turn, you must also wait for the oncoming drivers turning right to make their turn before you move out of the intersection. It is the law. The oncoming driver does not stop their vehicle and wait for you to make your left turn. They have the right of way as part of the oncoming traffic moving through a green light.

This week, I was cut off by unyielding drivers three times. One sped through the intersection. If I had not been practicing defensive driving skills, I would have received a car in my driver's side door. One reason for yielding to all oncoming traffic is that someone may mistakingly leave a right turn blinker on who is intending to go straight through the intersection. If you don't yield and that driver goes straight, there will be an accident, and it will be your fault.

Francine Rudd