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Both conference championships in the NFL were decided by the referees. The NFC championship was decided by a missed pass interference call. The AFC championship game was decided by a coin toss. The NFL should consider rule changes to avoid this from happening in the future.

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The NFL should expand the use of instant replay when the play involves an obvious mistake by the official on the field and that play would involve a 15-yard or loss-of-down penalty. This would happen whether or not the officials on the field call a penalty or not. In the case of a called penalty, instant replay can be used to ensure that the penalty was called correctly. In the case of a missed call, instant replay can be used to correct the mistake on the field. To ensure that, over time, this does not interfere with flow of the play on the field, referees can be given incentives for games where instant replay is not used.

The NFL should also change overtime rules to ensure that both have at least one possession before sudden-death play begins. Or the NFL can adopt an overtime that works similar to college. Either way, the coin toss will not decide the game.

Ben Hunt

South Jordan