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Let's get all the facts out on the table.

In 2006, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act of 2006. It authorized 700 miles of fencing, which was supposed to be double fencing; 655 miles of single fencing and 35 miles of double fencing have been funded and built between the Pacific Ocean and El Paso.

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The security fencing was never intended to be the entire border of 1,954 miles. The Rio Grande River is about 1,260 miles, constituting 60 percent of the border with Mexico. Many miles of our southern border do not require a wall because of impassable terrain. Our southern border must be made more secure using fencing, walls, drones, personnel and technology to intercept illegal immigrants, human trafficking, drug shipments and contraband.

The government recently allocated over $10 billion to Mexico and Central America, which I suspect will go, in large part, to local graft and corruption. POTUS should redirect these funds to securing our southern border or, at the very least, directing Mexico to secure their southern border.

Tom Godfrey

Salt Lake City