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Blaming the NRA for interest in guns is somewhat like blaming General Mills for interest in food. Many forces are at work, not the least of which is an immoral and unstable world. Canada, with its own disorder problems, is a different nation than the U.S. In Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela or other countries, murder is a constant threat made possible by preventing means of self-protection. The people there are helpless, while hundreds of thousands of times a year a firearm is used to stop or prevent an assault in the U.S.

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In a recent poll of incarcerated lawbreakers, only 3 percent said they purchased their firearms legally. So how do we help by making it more difficult to purchase? Gun-free zone is an oxymoron, only affecting the law abiding. If a man who has no legal right to own a gun murders, do we make it against the law — again? Speaking of “slippery slopes” leading to trouble, how can “needed gun regulation … be achieved without violating the Second Amendment?”

Something to think about.

Allan South