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Spongebob fans think Maroon 5 will be playing "Sweet Victory" at their Super Bowl halftime performance.

SALT LAKE CITY — They’re not the Bikini Bottom Super Band, but Maroon 5 recently dropped a teaser video for their upcoming Super Bowl appearance, and Spongebob fans think the band is going to play "Sweet Victory"during the halftime show.

What happened: Maroon 5, which will be headlining the Super Bowl halftime show this year, tweeted a video on Jan. 13 that shows the band preparing for its performance, only the video features a surprise guest.

  • Right around the 32-second mark, a static-covered video of Spongebob flashes across the screen before dissolving against footage of the band.
  • Spongebob fans think it isn’t just a fun Easter egg but a hint of things to come.

Last year, a petition titled “Have ‘Sweet Victory’ Performed at the Super Bowl” was published on and has since received over 1 million signatures.

  • The petition was created following the death of Stephen Hillenburg, who created Spongebob, and references a David Glen Eisley rock ballad played in the Spongebob episode “Band Geeks.”
  • In “Band Geeks,” Spongebob and his friends sing “Sweet Victory” in a halftime performance of their own at a very Super Bowl-sounding event called the Bubble Bowl.

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The reaction from Spongebob fans has been one tinged with excitement that Maroon 5 might incorporate elements of the episode into their performance.

It seemsall but confirmed that Spongebob will be involved in the show, as the account of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium where the game will be played this year tweeted an image from “Band Geeks” last month.

Maroon 5 will be taking the stage alongside Big Boi and Travis Scott, which also seems fitting as the album cover for Scott’s “Astroworld” went viral last year for looking like, coincidentally, Bikini Bottom.