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In this scene from "Supercop," Jackie Chan leaps from the roof of a building, grabs a rope ladder, and dangles precariously over the city.

SALT LAKE CITY — This week, Jackie Chan was in Salt Lake City to premiere his debut art exhibit, “Jackie Chan: Green Hero” at the Leonardo.

The exhibit, which opens Saturday, Jan. 26, consists of sculptures Chan created using waste from film sets, such as old props, camera equipment and film.

When he’s not saving the planet one recycled material at a time, Chan is saving the world one stunt at a time on the big screen.

We’ve scoured the web for some of Chan’s craziest and most dangerous on-film stunts. Here are seven (and we would definitely advise you to not try any of these at home).

Warning: The videos contain moderate levels of violence.

That crazy slide down a 21-story Rotterdam skyscraper in “Who Am I?”

According to the National Post, Chan’s slide was billed by film producers as “the world’s most dangerous stunt.” It took place on a building slanted at 45 degrees and took Chan two weeks to work up to.

That light-shattering pole slide in “Police Story” that ended with a crash through a glass pane.

In an IGN video about this scene, Chan said there was no safe landing gear and instead, the crew used a “small prop car” filled with candy to catch his fall. “I was really scared,” Chan said of the stunt. “I’m an ordinary person. I’m not Superman.”

Chan reportedly suffered second-degree burns and a serious back injury while filming this stunt.

That time Chan dropped six stories from a clock tower, fell through two awnings and landed on his head.

Shockingly, this scene from “Project A,” which starts around the 1:30 minute mark, isn’t fake. Chan really fell on his head, and according to Ranker, Chan damaged his cervical spine in the process.

That insane crawl across burning coals in “The Legend of the Drunken Master.”

According to Hollywood Reporter, Chan’s eyebrow bone was injured during this stunt, nearly causing him to go blind.

That careening bus ride through the city where Chan somehow managed to not get run over.

Considered Chan’s most action-packed stunt film, “New Police Story” features the stunt master rolling across the roof of a bus, dodging billboards, parkouring off buildings and breaking into windows.

That jaw-dropping leap and dangle from a helicopter rope ladder in “Police Story 3: Supercop.”

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Quenton Tarantino reportedly calls this stunt one of the “greatest stunts ever filmed in any movie ever.” While filming this scene, Chan was struck from behind by a helicopter, which, according to Charge, fractured his rib, broke his shoulder and dislocated his cheekbone.

Watch the outtake below.

That time Chan snowboarded off of a cliff and grabbed a helicopter ski in “First Strike.”

We don’t even want to think about what would have happened had Chan been a few inches too high or low on this one.