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I recently returned from an LDS mission in Mexico where I had the tremendous opportunity to grow to love the people. They are a wonderful and loving people. Every time we entered a new house, they wanted to share whatever they could. Sometimes they had nothing and they would still give to us first. I remember being welcomed as a complete stranger into this beautiful culture. We, as a nation, should not shut out this unique connection we could have by putting up barriers.

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We are a nation of freedom. Putting up barriers between people in need is against our idea of freedom. I have been told since middle school that the “American Dream” consists of the idea of freedom and opportunities. Why would we put up a wall against a nation that is pushing for the same exact ideas that we are in pursuit of. Who are we to do that to another? People outside of the United States who don’t have access to what we do dream of what opportunities they could find here. I remember I asked a lady in Mexico, if she could go anywhere, where would she go? She told me Disneyland in America. We are so blessed here. Why would we not be the kind of people willing to share that with the world?

Going from a first-world life to third-world life was a huge shock. I could not believe how blessed and easy we have it here in the United States. These people are pushing to come here because they want to have a life like we have. The best thing for this world would be to not put up barriers to other nations. People are people, we all have the same blood pumping through our veins no matter where we are born, so why should we block others out?

Madeline Nelson