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I am a registered Republican and therefore have some responsibility for those elected as Republicans. That is why I make my plea to Republican members of the U.S. Congress: Pay the workers.

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Work with Democrats to pass a veto-proof bill that does only one thing: Pays federal employees who now work without pay. I do not know if you wait for the outcome of the battle between President Trump and Democrats in Congress. I can understand if that is the tactic you have decided to take. But it is not right to deprive a worker of income. It is not right that federal employees have de facto become pawns in a power struggle. For right now, set aside who is to blame; set aside whether a wall is needed. Set aside whether the workers can or should take out loans.

Think of them as your brothers and sisters, your sons and daughters who deserve better than they are getting. Follow the admonition to which any nation should adhere: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Arthur Morin