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"What I Have is Enough: Tuning Your Life to Your God-Given Potential" is by Leslie Fatai.

"WHAT I HAVE IS ENOUGH: Tuning Your Life to Your God-Given Potential," by Leslie Fatai, Cedar Fort, $14.99, 176 pages (nf)

Although born with a limb deficiency and only five fingers, Leslie Fatai never considered herself disabled. A popular pianist and singer, she recounts her teenage and young adult struggles and how she finally gained true happiness in her book “What I Have is Enough: Tuning Your Life to Your God-Given Potential.”

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Leslie Fatai is the author of "What I Have is Enough: Tuning Your Life to Your God-Given Potential."

It wasn’t until she was a teenager and started noticing others’ stares at her shortened arms and disfigured hands that Fatai became self-conscious about her appearance. Although she came across as confident, serving as a popular student body officer in her West Valley City high school and singing for a record label, Fatai suffered from debilitating low self-esteem. As she contemplated suicide and second-guessed the intentions of her closest friends, she became angry and distrustful.

It wasn’t until she served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that Fatai discovered how closely her relationship with God affected her feelings about herself.

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Fatai’s honesty gives this book a refreshing and authentic feel and her stories are captivating to read. However, readers may feel disappointment when, after finishing the book, they are still left wondering how Fatai gained mastery over the piano with just five fingers and if she ever learned how to do her hair without help.

Fortunately, Fatai’s other stories, from almost burning down a neighbor’s house to frustrations with a missionary companion to finding and falling in love with her husband, make this book highly uplifting and entertaining.

A native of Utah, Fatai lives with her family along the Wasatch Front. Her music can be found at lesliefatai.com.