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On Monday, we celebrated the 90th birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As Utah’s 2019 legislative session approaches, we should remember King’s work for voting rights and a democracy that enacts the demands of the people.

Fifty years ago, King birthed a movement called The Poor People’s Campaign. He saw elected officials distorting faith to serve evil measures and justify laws that put poor people and people of color in peril. King built a movement of people who suffered from the discrimination of poor wages, poor education and poor health care. Now, a revitalized Poor People’s Campaign is mobilizing people to carry on the work King started.

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Poor Utahns face the disregard of our elected officials. In November, Utahns voted for Proposition 2 and 3, ballot initiatives that legalize medical cannabis and expand Medicaid. Now, legislatures seek to repeal the will of the people, particularly poor people who depend on access to affordable health care.

The Utah Poor People’s Campaign will express our demands for a moral revival at the Capitol on Jan. 28 — the first day of the legislative session. The people are rising to tackle the distortion of power in our state.

Monica Hall