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It was refreshing to read Paul Smith’s letter and his disagreement with Mr. Earl Elmont’s opinion that Mitt Romney should not have made statements about President Trump but should be a "team player" since he represents the residents of Utah.

I read Mitt Romney’s op-ed piece and didn’t find one untrue statement. Unfortunately, to be a "team player" with President Trump, it seems one must not have or express any opinion on any policy which differs from those of our president, which means being totally in lockstep with him on every issue.

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Even though President Trump has followed through on his promises to strengthen religious freedoms, select conservative judges and reverse liberal executive policies, his lack of honesty and ethics cannot be overlooked. Sen. Mike Lee said that Mitt Romney’s statements hurt the Republican Party. If his statements hurt the Republican Party, then the party is in serious ethical trouble.

I think Mitt Romney will better represent all Utah citizens since most of us are not anti-immigrant or anti-refugee or racist. Most Utahns value truth and expect our leaders to always speak it and to always act ethically. Thank you, Mitt.

Howard Anderson

South Jordan