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Utah State University Athletics has launched U-State Aggie Network, a site that is completely customized to USU, through its partnership with Athlete Network.

Athlete Network was founded by athletes with a simple mission – create an online community where athletes can fuel their driven lifestyles, with the goal of engaging all current and former USU student-athletes.

“We are excited to partner with Athlete Network in an effort to better serve both our current and former student-athletes,” said Utah State Vice President/Director of Athletics John Hartwell. “Athlete Network provides Utah State Athletics an effective platform to communicate with both of those groups. It also provides a valuable conduit for current and former student-athletes to a network of employers looking to hire Aggies who have been student-athletes.”

U-State Aggie Network is a branded and customized engagement platform to organize, promote and track the programs and services offered to both current and former student-athletes.

Utah State Athletics strives to develop graduates and community leaders by supporting student-athletes as they strive for excellence academically, athletically and socially.

The U-State Aggie Network is designed to support current student-athletes as they navigate career opportunities and prepare for life after graduation, as well as provide a platform to connect and maintain relationships with former student-athletes. The network provides information, career opportunities and mentorship access that support the continued success of Aggies.

With U-State Aggie Network, student-athletes now have access to engage and interact with companies and organizations that are specifically looking to hire current and former student-athletes nationwide.

Athlete Network has partnered with companies across the country that want to hire former student-athletes. Student-athletes can apply directly through the U-State Aggie Network for these jobs, and there is an 84 percent response rate compared to the 14 percent response rate of other job sites.

Businesses looking to hire current and former USU student-athletes also have an opportunity to post jobs on the site if they are a Blue A Society member or a sponsor of Utah State Athletics.

For more information or to get involved, contact USU Assistant Director of Development Sarah Landes at 435-797-0143 or by email at

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The resources section of the network includes information on Utah State Athletics, ways to stay involved, resume and interview prep, upcoming events, graduate programs, letters from coaches and more.

The U-State Aggie Network created a mentorship program that uses the experiences of former USU student-athletes to support and guide the successful transition of current and recently-graduated student-athletes to the professional world.

The site also allows student-athletes to connect with each other and read blogs and articles related to college athletics and how to be successful.