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Disney released a new trailer for the “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” theme park over the weekend.

SALT LAKE CITY — For Marvel, opening the “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” theme park isn’t enough.

What's going on: Marvel will release a five-issue series connected to the “Galaxy’s Edge” theme park, which is set to open in Disneyland and Walt Disney World later this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  • The comic series will be aimed at catching up readers on the fictional story behind the theme park.
  • Specifically, the story will focus on the Black Spire Outpost, which is the travel hub where park guests will visit.

Teaser: Ethan Sacks, writer of the series, told StarWars.com that the series will prepare guests for the theme park.

  • “Our series will give fans the chance to visit Black Spire Outpost months ahead of voyaging to Batuu in person. Armed with top-secret sketches and information from Walt Disney Imagineering and Lucasfilm, we are keeping this authentic to the spirit of this rich new setting. I’d tell you more, but I already have the death sentence on 12 systems. …”
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The comic will also tell the story of Dok-Ondar, who has been described as “a collector (who) operated an antiquities shop in Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu on the edge of Wild Space in the Outer Rim,” according to Wookieepedia, a Star Wars fan-based wiki.

Why it matters: Guests will have a chance to understand the story behind the “Galaxy’s Edge” theme park before it’s released, according to Uproxx.

Marvel and Star Wars have already combined for a number of comics in recent years, including the famous “Darth Vader” series, which revealed new insights into Anakin Skywalker’s father and the reunion between Padme and Darth Vader.