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Letter to the editor

After the holidays is the hardest time for people who are struggling and perhaps having suicidal thoughts. I think that we should try to be more aware of people in general because they could be having a hard time.

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A few ways to do this are by asking people how they are doing, and if they say they're fine to ask how they're really doing and take the time to really listen to them. Another is having them do things that make them happy, like recreational activities.

The next thing is if they are thinking of suicide, they or you need to call the suicide hotline where they can talk to a professional at any time for free.

The important thing to remember is that each life matters and that if someone feels like life might be better without them they should know that someone cares about — a relative, neighbor, teacher, etc. Someone cares and will help if asked.

If you need help, please get it.

Nathan Young