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I have a book at home, "Speeches that shaped the modern world" by Alan Whiticker. The 50 or more speeches from the 20th century would be familiar to most, or certainly their authors would be.

There is Martin Luther King's "I have a dream," looking to a better world where all are equal. There is Neil Armstrong's "One Small Step" recognizing what the world's people can achieve. Winston Churchill inspired his nation with "We shall fight on the beaches."

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These speeches and many others inspired people to achieve more, to stand against great odds, to unite all people or to strive to do the hard things in life.

None of these speeches threatened to destroy other countries. None of these speeches accused refugees of being drug dealers. None of these speeches offered temporary refuge so that a permanent boundary could be built. None of these speeches criticized a war hero because he was captured.

Speeches should not be offensive, inaccurate or provocative. They should lead, inspire and encourage.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia