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Villa Italian Kitchen in New York launched new gender reveal lasagnas, which will have cheese with added food coloring depending on your baby’s gender.

SALT LAKE CITY — There’s a new trend for gender-reveal parties: lasagna.

What’s going on: Villa Italian Kitchen in New York launched new gender-reveal lasagnas, which will have food-colored cheese depending on your baby’s gender, the New York Post reports.

  • The lasagna will cost $140.
  • The dish will serve 12 people.
  • The package includes a salad, which can be garden, Caesar or Greek.
  • The restaurant said the lasagna will be made to order, including “pasta straight off the boat, alfredo sauce and both ricotta and mozzarella cheese,” according to the New York Post.
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Full release: As NBC New York puts it, "Each lasagna is made-to-order from pasta imported from Italy, a classic Italian Alfredo sauce, creamy ricotta cheese and melty mozzarella, making the gender reveal experience a delicious memory for new parents to cherish forever ... The Gender Reveal Lasagna is sure to be the talk of any party — once the new parents cut into the lasagna and reveal either pink or blue dyed cheese, everyone in attendance can celebrate the family’s new addition with a hearty meal!"

Social media: There was a slew of reactions to the news.

Gender-reveal controversy: My colleague Sydney Chapman once wrote about a gender-reveal party that went wrong. The party started a wildfire across southern Arizona, which grew to 47,000 acres.