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"The Matchmaker's Match" is by Brittany Larsen.

"THE MATCHMAKER'S MATCH," by Brittany Larsen, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 229 pages (f)

Brittany Larsen’s recent novel “The Matchmaker’s Match” is a contemporary retelling of the beloved Jane Austen novel, “Emma.” This lighthearted and witty romance is an enjoyable read with likable and endearing characters.

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Brittany Larsen is the author of "The Matchmaker's Match."

Larsen weaves her tale in southern California, where heiress Eliza Woodhouse runs her florist shop as a hobby. Eliza prides herself on being a matchmaker after successfully matching up her sister, and shortly after that her best friend. Eliza has a desire to help everyone around her by attempting to solve their problems, and this, coupled with her attempts to set up more matches, begins to create more problems than solutions and a comedy of errors begins.

The Woodhouse family has several loving and lifelong friends, including the Knightley family.

Parker Knightley is several years older than Eliza and has watched her grow up as her faux brother. After spending three years in Hong Kong, Parker has returned to the United States to attend his brother’s wedding to Eliza’s sister.

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As Parker and Eliza spend more time together, Eliza begins to wonder if she can be viewed as more to Parker than just his faux little sister.

This novel is a clean romance with no inappropriate language or violence, and few chaste kissing scenes.

Larsen, an Idaho native living in California and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has written two other Jane Austen-inspired books: "Pride & Politics," and "Sense & Second Chances." She's also one of the collaborators on the four-part novel "Wedding Bellas."