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Marie Osmond speaks with "Access Live" about her brother and may have spoiled "The Masked Singer."

SALT LAKE CITY — Did Marie Osmond just spoil “The Masked Singer” Peacock reveal?

Back on Jan. 8, "Access Hollywood" interviewed Marie Osmond about “The Masked Singer” and the ongoing theories that her brother Donny Osmond is the Peacock performer.

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Many on social media have long speculated that the Peacock — who has offered hints of his background, including that he started from a young age — is the Osmond brother.

  • When asked about these rumors, Marie Osmond didn’t deny it.
  • “I told him, I said, ‘Why are you giving away such easy clues?,'” Marie told "Access."
  • When asked if she just confirmed that Osmond is the Peacock, she said:
  • “I know that we started at NBC, which was the peacock.”

Watch the interview below.

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