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Courtesy Flamingo Hotel
Donny and Marie Osmond performing at their long-running show at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

SALT LAKE CITY — In a recent interview with People magazine, Marie Osmond opened up about her struggles with body image and some of her crushes as a child star.

Body image: As a young woman, Osmond was told by multiple producers that she was fat, People reported. One even pulled her aside in a parking lot to insult her looks, then told her not to say anything about it.

  • According to Fox News, when Osmond was 15 years old, a producer told her that people would lose their jobs if she didn’t “keep food out of her fat face.”
  • At one point, Osmond was down to 90 pounds, People reported.
  • Finding self-esteem as a girl in the '70s was “pretty tough,” said Osmond, but she learned she had to turn inward.
  • Osmond: “As you get older and you can get through those things and you have self-worth, you realize it wasn’t about you. It was about them. It was about control. And you learn to move forward from that hopefully, but there are scars.”

Childhood crushes: Osmond revealed that as a girl, she dated “a lot of people” but never really publicized it.

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  • Michael McDonald, formerly of The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan, was her first crush, Osmond said.
  • She also harbored a crush for David Cassidy: “I liked him,” Osmond said. “He was at the same recording studio as me one day and I thought ‘I'll check him out’.”
  • Ultimately, nothing happened between the two because, as Osmond puts it, “I said, ‘It’s not going to happen because his butt is smaller than mine!'"

Her brother Donny Osmond also struggled as a child star, she said, because he just wanted to be himself. Turning toward gratitude for fans was one thing that helped him.

What does Marie credit for getting both of them through the difficulties of child stardom?

“Hard work ethic, lots of luck, and good people around you,” she said.

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