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I'm a Utah native, and I've lived in this great state my entire life. Although my personal views and values aren't exactly represented by Utah's (nearly) exclusively Republican state government or senators, I think that we can agree that Donald Trump's current ploy to leverage the paychecks of government workers, the SNAP programs of the impoverished and the sacrosanctity of the national parks for a non-negotiable border wall is awfully unilateral and undemocratic.

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I don't think that anybody would be against having a productive, nuanced discussion about border security — and our geopolitical relations with our southern neighbors. But exploiting livelihoods to preclude such a discussion is disgusting.

Whether you think we should have a wall or not, I think that at a bare minimum the sectors of government which don't deal exclusively with immigrations should remain open. We are creating needless suffering. The legislative branch was designed to provide a check on the executive branch.

Please, do all you can to fix this situation. I have friends on food stamps who hang in jeopardy.

Tanner Clegg