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Screenshot, Chad Cheddar Mock, YouTube
Dash cam footage of Chad Cheddar Mock rescuing child who fell from moving vehicle.

A Minnesota man is calling a young child “very lucky” this week after the child survived falling from a moving car while still strapped in a car seat.

What happened: Motorist Chad Cheddar Mock was driving around a tight bend in Mankato, Minnesota, on Monday when the passenger door of the car in front of him swung open, sending a 2-year-old in a car seat tumbling into the street, ABC News reported.

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  • Dashcam footage of the event shows Mock slowing to a stop and jumping out of his vehicle to wave down the driver and slow oncoming vehicles.
  • “If it didn’t happen in front of me I’d never have believed it,” Mock wrote in a Facebook post about the event.

Watch the video below:

According to a press release from the Mankato Department of Public Safety, “The child was examined by public safety and ambulance staff and found to be not injured.”

  • The child, the department said, was properly fastened in her car seat, but the car seat was not properly fastened in the moving vehicle driven by the child’s mother.
  • According to the release, “Charges of child endangerment and child restraint system not fastened are being requested.”