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I read the Deseret News article "The FBI has been tracking crimes against Latter-day Saints for 3 years. Here's why" (Jan. 11). While I understand the gist of the article as the FBI studying and probing crimes directed at minority groups, I think a crime is a crime — and should be treated without any subset political correctness jargon. I deplore any criminal acts with anti-Semitism or any type of motivation based on biases or cultural fear.

Crime is an action. Crimes have penalties. If a Jewish synagogue or LDS Church meetinghouse is burned or vandalized, the perpetrator should pay the proscribed penalties already on the books, just as if it were a vandalism against a private residence or business.

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Many people may have evil thoughts, yet they never act on such thoughts. I'm not shielding wrongdoers, but I want to only hold people accountable for criminal actions of what is proven to be in the implementation stage or the stage of actually being carried out. In other words, daydreaming (no matter how vile) shouldn't be labeled a "hate crime" — it should only be labeled a "crime" when it passes a certain threshold. And, then, it should be a crime — period.

I fully support justice. I just don't think labeling something a "hate crime" is warranted when it can be dealt with as a crime. Period.

James Marples