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FILE - A man that police say faked being involved in an auto-pedestrian crash at an intersection he had previously voiced concerns about, has been charged.

SALT LAKE CITY — A Cache County man faces criminal charges after police say he faked being involved in an auto-pedestrian crash at an intersection he had previously voiced concerns about.

Jeremy John Sharp, 33, of Hyrum, was charged Monday in 1st District Court with making a false emergency report involving injury or death, a third-degree felony, interfering with an arrest, a class B misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct after being told to stop, a class C misdemeanor.

On Saturday, an auto-pedestrian accident was reported near 500 West and 400 North in Hyrum, according to a Cache County Jail report. Seven sheriff's deputies, two Utah Highway Patrol troopers and an ambulance responded to the scene.

"I arrived at the incident location where Jeremy was laying on his back," the deputy wrote in the report. "This is an intersection where Jeremy has previously reported concerns about semi-trucks cutting the corner across the parking lot there. Jeremy had no apparent injuries, there were no tracks or other indications that an accident involving a vehicle had occurred."

Sharp claimed he had been hit "by a tanker truck hauling milk," and that the night before "he had been hit by a tanker truck hauling gasoline," the report states.

While EMTs were on scene, police say Sharp continued to text 911 emergency dispatchers "asking for assistance."

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"We attempted to assist Jeremy to the ambulance to be further evaluated. He refused to walk. EMTs brought a gurney to Jeremy and loaded him onto the gurney and wheeled him to the ambulance. After being cleared medically we had Jeremy get out of the ambulance. He acted as if he was going to stand then went limp and began to collapse to the ground," the report states.

After getting out of the ambulance, deputies informed Sharp he was under arrest for making a false report.

"Jeremy immediately began pulling away," the deputy wrote. "Two troopers assisted us in getting Jeremy’s hand behind his back and cuffed while he continued to pull away despite being ordered to stop resisting."

Sharp refused to walk and had to be carried by deputies into the jail.

According to court records, Sharp has a history of disorderly conduct arrests.