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Letter to the editor

When you purchase internet service, most providers advertise an "up to" speed. This is a way to sell you a service without giving you any guarantee of what you will receive in that service.

I have never seen any other business get away with what the internet providers do. In my business as a florist, if I advertised an “up to” vase of roses, say, an up to a dozen, depending on the number of roses on hand or available at the time of delivery, not one person would order, and if I delivered less than the dozen the complaints would pour in.

With my internet service, I would frequently speed test the service provided and find that it was rare to get the “up to” speed and very common to get much less than half that speed, often less than a quarter of that speed. It was not uncommon to get service interruptions where speed was zero.

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In my opinion, this had to be planned to try to get the internet customer to buy a faster, more expensive plan.

One time I asked the customer service of my provider about the frequent slowdowns and was told that to keep the speed up it was a good idea to call and complain every couple of weeks. That way they would continually up the speed to that promised. That is not the way anyone should be allowed to do business.

It seems to me that the industry needs to be self-policing, and if that does not happen, regulations should be imposed upon their service.

David Gibby