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Letter to the editor

I think the state of Utah should have an NFL team.

I believe strongly in this for two main reasons, the first being that it would help bring the state of Utah a lot of revenue and provide a stimulus to our economy. This would be accomplished through ticket sales, advertising, business investments and creating new businesses.

The second reason is that it would elevate the national profile of our state and Utah would become recognized as a more progressive state like California or New York, creating more entertainment and lifestyle opportunities that many Utahns seek.

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Having an NFL team in Utah would be a wonderful opportunity. It clearly is something that is very popular throughout our country and now the world. Also, if Utah were to get an NFL team, then we would be one of the few states in the U.S. that have three professional sports teams. This would make Utah a more attractive state for people to travel here beyond what our national parks attract.

The combination of our national parks with three professional sports teams could be a very powerful stimulus to our economy as well as elevating our national profile. Those are the reasons why I think that Utah should make room for an NFL team. As a trial run maybe we should make room for the homeless Raiders for the 2019-2020 season.

Jack Bateman

Salt Lake City