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Recently, I watched two PBS programs. Both concerned significant contributions that immigrants made to make America great.

The first program was about Apollo 8's mission to the moon and highlighted the innovative computer designs of an Argentinian immigrant named Ramon Alonso. The second was about a poor Croatian Serb, Nicola Tesla, whose brilliant work with AC electrical current made electricity on a large scale possible. He brought electricity to the common man.

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The list of blessings from immigration is long. True, immigration laws made it much easier to enter the U.S. legally in their time, but I'm wondering, what future innovators are we turning away with our bigotry? Is the next great statesman or medical genius waiting outside our border for asylum living in squalor in a camp?

The latest population data published a few days ago in the Deseret News shows our future is in trouble with our declining population. Perhaps the solution is knocking on our door to the south. We should fix our laws and welcome that solution in.

Susan Horne

Salt Lake City